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Karla i Grgur -kargo

Here are the owners. KARLA and GRGUR. In 1989, we founded KARGO, which is a company for the transportation and custody of caravans,yachts and cars. We started with 4.800 m2 of land, then in 2001 we increased our acres to 24.000 m2.

KARGO can offer you complete service for your caravan or yacht. "Complete Service" means we will prepare your caravan before you arrive. Preparation includes cleaning,washing,transportation the caravan and mounting the tent. In some camps we can make reservation of place for you. At the end of your holiday, we will take care of everything and bring your caravan back to KARGO, or anywhere you said. If anything needs to be repaired, we can do it for you. We can offer you 24 Hr. service, seven days a week, by request. For those people who like to do everything by yourself, we have special place for you.

Quality service at a quality price.

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